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"I suppose so." He crossed his arms in a casual manner, his thumb unconsciously brushing against the old ring he had on his finger which looked as if it were just polished or perhaps even just cleaned as the gold in it shined and the stone gleamed. "It just depends on what type of bond you have that connects you with it."

"Touch, I’ll say." He simply replied, eyes nailed on the bright golden ring for a moment, before raising up his gaze to meet the man’s; frowning his brows whilst showing a feigned curiosity. "Do I have to assume that, in your case, you’re not fond of it?"

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His lip twitched slightly in the makings of a snarl before he smoothed his expression. Flicking the bone off to the side, Erai rocked to his feet before stuffing pale hands into the confines of his hoodie, his eyes going into their natural state. “Well then, Professor, I take it there will be no complaints if some of your students return with some.. minor damage.”

Slightly frowning his eyes, feigning interest on his words, the warlock tucked his hands inside his pockets while glancing up to the hanging male. Utterly holding back his laughter. Insolence… he thought. “Look dear, if they end up with minor damage, I’ll believe they earned it. Though, my advice, I wouldn’t be so overconfident because a slight superhuman strength; my students are way ahead of that. Physical is only the most basic force, real gods don’t need to move finger to destroy you…” Having said that, he smirked and simply left the male behind; enjoying his annoyed aura and feeding of it.
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-smiling bright the blonde cocked his head to the side- I know that just well, i have to admit. I have the same problem you know? -not knowing if the other knew him or not, it was always a 50/50 chance of either having a crazy fan or an honest bystander in front of him- Kim Jaejoong, it’s a pleasure to meet you -the werewolf let his eyes flash red for just a mere moment as he catched the scent of the warlock underneath the fresh autumn air-

The warlock was far from being honest, but he utterly didn’t knew who the man was. David smiled at the male, holding it back from being croocked but it was helpless as soon as he saw the slight glimpse of crimson in Jaejoong’s eyes. “Ah— marvelous!” He exclaimed, amused to meet one of his kind “Lycan, am I right?”

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I wonder where our colleague key-ia could be…

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Ghost Boy § Hyuna & I

Usually Tennant would walk out of the alchemy lab, located on the basement, and take the secret passage towards the dorms area this late at night; just to save sometime to get to his room and because nobody would ask him what was he doing down there, and out of alchemy class hours. Although, somehow he found himself unconsciously walking upstairs to the main floor, realizing that he did so too late to turn around and go down again; at this point walking upon the surface was towards the dorms was more likely than walking all the way back to the basement to find the passage.

What wasn’t very usual was having an absentminded warlock roaming around school; David has always been a very sharp man, always calculating his every move. Albeit this day has been the weirdest, auras around school made him uneasy, the experiment he was working on was not giving the results he wanted because his own malpractice, which was not usual coming from a perfectionist like him; he seemed distracted and overwhelmed, yet he couldn’t figure out why.

Not until this young lady came across him while he walked through the main hallway; staring at him with wary eyes as if she got something to say. From what he recalled, first time they met she was acting all shy and could barely hold gazes with him, unlike at that moment. Her strong yet ambivalent aura, slapped him in the face so hard that he had to come to complete halt in the middle of the hall whilst staring back at her; though now was he who couldn’t hold gazes with her. Her vibe was very creepy to him, and take note that there were very minimum things that could scare this man. Of course he simply took his eyes away from hers, clearing his throat as he followed the path towards his bedroom; mumbling a “Good night, dearie~” as he passed by her.


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Plot partner needed


Is there any muse (preferred male though it always depends on chemistry) willing to take on a plot with me which would include bdsm, ayden being submissive, which doesn’t only cover the smut aspect but would be more about trust and feeling some sort of safety? I think something like that could be interesting if written down nicely. Since Ayden has always been a lust homunculus but he hates getting touched by strangers and sleeping around would just disgust him, fulfilling his needs with one person would solve the problem. 

So I know this seems to be looked down upon in krp, but why not try out if it’s researched well? If anyone’s interested or wants more information about the plot please be free contact me through my inbox or aim (yukiko.chii)^^

maybe reblog this to help me out? Thanks ♥

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Until Sunrise ░☼ Jiyong & I
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Have a double shot of BOOM PREGNANT!

Fancy Meeting You Here ~ Yoseob and Tennant


Pulling a file into his lap he scanned over it as he bit the inside of his cheek in effort not to say anything more to the fellow that had just entered the room. Perhaps it was a figment of his imagination thanks to a lack of sleep in the past few days. Picking up another file he felt the air pass him as someone sat before him and glancing up he saw Tennant, so much for it being his imagination. If there was one thing Yoseob had learned in his years of being alive - or existing - it was how to stay silent in the presence of an annoying individual. The shigofumi continued to fill out his documents, sliding them into various files in a stack in his lap. When a nice bit of silence had settled between them his brown eyes finally raised to the other before he gave a small snort and yawned.

"Colleagues? No. See I like to think colleagues is another word for friends, but you’re just a distasteful bother that pops up every now and then before returning to whatever hole you came up from." After he got that off his chest a smile appeared on his face and settling back into his chair he hummed softly. "My trips are always nice there, I get paid when I return, go back when I want and its quite a lovely time." Not to mention now that he was getting up in his years he was no longer bound by the same schedule as most shigofumi’s were, Yoseob chose when he wanted to work and for how long. Perks of being a good worker for so many years.

Slender hands again resumed their efforts in finishing his work and he was thankful to see it was almost finished, he wouldn’t have to stay there much longer. “Need I help you with anything else? I hope you weren’t expecting me to ask how you’ve been because that’s like asking a mute to sing you a song, it won’t happen.”

Amusingly resting his back against the chair, Tennant could help his smirk as he sipped from his cup of coffee. The sole silence between them being his motivation to irk Yoseob even more. David knew he was just trying to ignore him, probably wishing he would burn his throat while drinking his hot beverage as he piercing and teasingly kept his gaze upon him. The Shigofumi’s little rants against him were the funniest and most adorable things to trigger, and what will Yoseob threaten him with? Not delivering his letters when he dies? What a joke! Is not like he has someone he wants to write to when he pass away. He could try his best, but eventually he would break the silence. David was sure about it and there it was. He spoke.

"Well, I’m flattered my dear. Though, whether you like it or not, we are colleagues since the rascals are a strong bond between us.” he said, sarcastically referring to the student community. Returning the smile, annoyingly winking at him, he feigned to care about his short explanation about his trips, yet he couldn’t hear no longer and laughed “Oh dear— You didn’t actually thought I cared about those, did you?” Thank Celtics deities he didn’t dared to elaborate on his now high rank, cause he utterly didn’t care about it.

"Well, I’m disappointed my friend. I thought you were the one with manners.” With a very mocking snort he focused again on his caffeine, yet never took his gaze away from Yoseob. He knew how responsible he was, and how pathetically he probably got attached to his students, so he decided to annoy him a bit more “Instead of attending those student files that are probably filled with lots of zeros —because let’s honest they are just a bunch of airheads, you should be focusing on your old friend who casually is paying you a visit, shouldn’t you? And I’m the rude one.” Having said that, he put down his cup on the small table that was keeping them apart and playfully pulled the papers away from his hands “At least look at me when I’m talking to you, postman.” and he smirked, again.

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