"I don't think I've seen you around before, in the worst case, please receive my late welcomes" He said to the student he just met across the hallway, half smiling.


"Welcomes acknowledged. That makes me the worst case I guess. I’ve been here over a week, but I’m still apparently a fresh meat around here. Thanks Professor. " Kris nodded his eyes scanning the lithe form of the teacher. Somehow he was not sure he’d like to have any classes with this one. The man’s smile seemed… a bit maniacal. 

"Fresh meat indeed…" He couldn’t delete his crooked smile due the boy’s expression. He utterly liked when someone from the first instance feels intimidated by him, it’s a natural ego booster. "I hope to see you around more often, I’m Mr. Tennant by the way. May I inquire you name?"

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My Sweet Prince

Acoustic, Cabaret Of Desire, Brussels
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Black Knight |♞| Kai & I {Memoir}


Kai had rather mixed feelings about this class. On one hand, the material was some of his favorite - it was a challenge, it was interesting, and there had already been several things he’d been able to relate to his own powers to help him gain better control of them. He felt like he was learning the most in this class, and it was also proving to be the most useful. He even enjoyed reading the book - he’d already read ahead a few chapters out of pure curiosity, when he felt he was well familiar with the ones they had already studied.

The only problem with the class - he was freaking terrified of Mr. Tennant. He didn’t even exactly know why, he just knew that anytime he was within any sort of proximity to the other man, he made sure to tread very lightly - even if he saw him outside of the classroom, the few times he did. Keep your head down, pay attention, keep on chugging through his work, that was his motto. It generally worked and (he thought) he managed to slip by without much attention, which also meant no trouble.

However, apparently today this little method wasn’t going to work today. When he realized that Mr. Tennant was talking to him his eyes widened and he felt his hands go clammy and mouth dry, his heart suddenly speeding up with nerves. It even took him a moment to process the question at all, because he swore at that moment his brain froze up in the face of the man he both appreciated and feared. “Um, wh-what…” God, he had to get this right! Not only did he not want to make a fool out of himself, but he knew what happened whenever someone earned the rest of the class a quiz - it did happen often though, so they really should be used to it by now. But still! He didn’t want to be subject to that, what if he as the one they decided to beat the shit out of?? Or hated him forever?? Or-

No, no. He KNEW this, he could answer it, he just had to chill the hell out and think about it. So with a deep breath he grabbed his nerves by the horns and wrestled it down with some great effort - enough to finally kick his brain back into motion again, though his hair still burned brightly, having come to life whenever he was called on.

"Ah…. The, uh, potential of the Grail’s power is… Unimaginable. It’s associated with the First Matter, and is sometimes believed to… M-manifest itself in light energy or matter, like balls of light, phantom vessels, some even believe light creatures like unicorns. Information about it was so guarded because they said it was power unlike anything anyone has ever seen before, so it probably has the power to do a lot of great… And terrible things."

He paused his carefully chosen words then to think about the next part, because it was a bit more difficult to him - mainly because the thing he was pretty sure it related to, he had a hard time remembering the English letters in the correct order. That was the most difficult part in his classes - languages. After a moment though he figured it out and added, “In modern times, alchemists are relating it to that equation… E=MC2? Yeah, that, because they think it can help them understand the Grail energy somehow. And if I had it I don’t think I could use it even if I wanted to, because the Grail doesn’t serve me.” He fell silent then, waiting with bated breath to see if he was correct. He was pretty sure he was… And he was fighting to keep a pleased smile from curling his lips. He didn’t want to get too happy early in case he was wrong, but he did so love knowing answers and getting them right!

If Kai wanted to be ignored by David, playing stupid and being silent wasn’t they right path, surely. That would only trigger him to hunt him down like a prey, just as he did. The warlock could feel how intimidated the kid was, he was probably the one most scared of him in class; and he had to admit that was a plus on his favor. Fearing him was the right thing to do, at least this boy had some sense; he would pick on him either way, but it was better to be picked on his good side and not his bad side, which could result in a bit aggressive warlock he was very sure the phoenix didn’t wanted to see. Tennant simply held his gaze with Kai’s terrified eyes, leaning against his desk, arms crossed whilst waiting for a response.

Tennant always loved to turn tables on students, that facial expression of a cold bucket of water falling over their heads never got old to him. The young male was very puzzled and the mixture of altered auras in the room slapped him very hard as he delighted himself in them. If Kai didn’t answered his question, this would have been the 8th quiz of the week, and it was only Wednesday. David decided to pressure the boy a bit more, quirking his brow while glaring at him “Well, dear, do you know or not? I don’t have all day for you… five seconds for the quiz…”

Just went he was about to close the text book and come up with another pop-quiz, Kai opened up his chops; finally! The amused smirk couldn’t be help from the warlock’s lips as he heard the very long, detailed and certain explanation. It made him proud that at least someone in his class had such potential even when the question was not even about the current subject. Tennant’s expression turned from an intimidating one to a 'You aren't that dumb after all, are you?' one, although the last statement disappointed him a bit. It was not like he was going to praise him anyways, but this definitely held him back from saying anything directly to him. Simply standing on his feet again, he turned towards the blackboard muttering to the rest of the classroom “I guess we’ll have no quiz, for now…”

He utterly wanted to flood him with the weirdest question he could find inside of any of the textbooks, but honestly he was not going to mentor someone that wasn’t able to believe on themselves; even if he knew he could take something out of them. He passed all the rest of the class hours, slightly cranky to be honest. When the section was over, he figured out that maybe he’ll give a second chance to the boy; dragging a loyal phoenix to the dark side was a highly tempting idea to just let it slip away.  As the group of students left, he asked Kai to stay after class “Mr. Brains…” he said, tapping a finger over his desk “..Not so fast..” Saying that he headed towards the phoenix, getting in front of him in less that a blink; leaning close enough to his face so he was the only one actually able to hear his word “Any of my students is allowed to look down on their skills, it irks me…” Pulling back he made an offer ” I’ll let you figure out that the Grail would actually be useful in your hands, how does being my apprentice sounds like?”

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{Moonlight Ball} The King, The Queen & The Moon £ Jiyong & I {Memoir}


"Mm, it’s not too hard to believe.” He knew as a Warlock, looks did not match up with one’s age. Jiyong could care less if he was caught staring, knowing that David did the same to him. He wouldn’t complain though, as it amused him; being used to stares and all for fashion got him used to it. The professor chuckled to himself, lowering his gaze off the male and took another sip of his champagne.

Eyes flickered up to David’s face, stopping on the intense orbs. When he nervously agreed, his arm was laced with the others, being brought to the middle of the floor; of course the middle… He knew the man had timed this perfectly, as the song has now changed, putting them into a nice tempo for the dance David was wanting.

Shutting out all the glances from other people, students and professors, he kept his gaze on one person. Using what rhythm his body had, he was lucky he was in shape. Toned in the right places, and never really clumsy, dancing was never too hard for him. It didn’t mean he was an expert, but it was better than singing. Making a small startled sound, he looked down as his hips were pulled forward. Not knowing if the extra body made his hotter, or if it was the small blush that crept upon his cheeks, he tried to ignore both.  Softly muttering at the mention of being shy, he looked up again; the moon’s light kissing his face just right. Smirking to himself at the complimenting words, Jiyong felt proud of hearing the words. When it came to dressing nicely, he put all his energy into it.

When David questioned about Jiyong’s personal choices, it made his mind falter. The Warlock asked about his interests…What made him want to know? The topic that was asked could delve dangerously far into the topic of his childhood, so he stuck to something simple. “I caught on to the hobby quickly, and I enjoyed it. If I can make other look nice, why not do it for a living?” The fact that he HAD to get good at making clothes pushed him to his job that he had now. He was thankful for it, but like most things in his childhood, they were bittersweet. “What about you? Why do you work in your profession?” Jiyong laid his eyes upon the Warlock’s scarf, fixing a crease just so, his warm finger just barely grazing over the flesh of his neck. Placing his hand back to the other’s shoulder, he looked up into David’s eyes, then down over the contours of his jaw; he could just bite the man.

This was probably one of the hardest moments to hide his smirk, although David could work on turning it into a charming smile towards the Dragon. Truly the curious auras were making him smile pridefully; honestly Jiyong was a precious trophy to exhibit at the moment. Besides, David has always been an attention whore. However, after waiting for the right time, he had to take an advantage of the perfect melody and make this a memorable moment; it was the only to shake Jiyong’s heart right now. He could feel how the man was craving for the right attention, and if that was it, he would give it to him; all in order to keep his puppet happy. It’s not that he wanted to brag, but he confidently grabbed Jiyong’s hips and swayed them together with his; the soft beat taking the lead between their bodies. The Warlock had to admit how enamored he was with that little birth mark under Jiyong’s left eye; and he did whilst his hand almost by own will landed over it, softly grazing his thumb across his firm skin.  

Tennant could finally manage to ignore the people around them, and concentrate his full attention to Jiyong; grinning at the change of aura when he asked for his personal choices. Yes, he wanted to know, despite the reasons behind it, he really wanted to know. Although, as he expected, Jiyong was evading to go deep on his responses; which in all honesty it was silly. He must had known by know that David could clearly tell he was lying. “You caught the hobby? Where you got it?” He smiled while digging into his past. Actually, it would be an interesting thing to know, dangerous for Mr. Kwon too though, but still. He couldn’t hold himself back from chuckling as the Dragon tried to change the topic to him. Maybe if he gave him a bit of a back story, which he has never done before, would help him get what he wanted “Me? Let’s say I had no option, It was the only open spot when I hid myself in China… Big witch hunt back then, specially in Europe, so I had no other choice?” David’s face didn’t showed even a glimpse of nerves, in fact he was not lying at all; overall that was what happened.

Suddenly Jiyong’s hand landed upon his scarf, and to be honest he was taken aback. However, he simply smiled, deeply breathing so his hand could feel the touch of the cold breeze coming out of him. David could feel the devouring gaze upon his features, and he stepped closer to Jiyong, gently tightening the grip around the waist of the smaller man. Pressing his forehead against the dragon’s, he flashed the beloved smirk that probably Jiyong missed for this few minutes that passed, whilst he whispered against his face “I figured out that maybe you wanted a closer look…” Having the man so close was very alluring for him not to fall. While his left hand still held the male close to him, his right hand sneaked to the back of Jiyong’s neck, gently pulling him into a slow and passionate kiss while the moon was their witness; and many people too, but he couldn’t care less. It was HIS dragon after all.

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{TEXT} I wonder if my dragon is doing well... Then I remember I'm not that kind.



[TEXT] Then what is it? -curves in his chair, curioously staring at the screen- 

[TEXT] Why must you be so childish? -glares- If you want something, then come here. 

{TEXT} Dear, I’m not childish, I just enjoy teasing the hell out of you and having done that, I don’t see the point of going towards you… I already got what I wanted.

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{TEXT} I wonder if my dragon is doing well... Then I remember I'm not that kind.



[TEXT] Then what is it? -curves in his chair, curioously staring at the screen- 

[TEXT] Jerk… -places phone on desk, grumbling to self-

{TEXT} How sweet of you, dearie~

-Laughs his butt off;

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{TEXT} I wonder if my dragon is doing well... Then I remember I'm not that kind.


[TEXT] Then what is it? -curves in his chair, curioously staring at the screen- 

{TEXT} Maybe high libido :)

Throwing his phone over the wooden desk, he chuckled to himself; nothing better than teasing the hell out of Jiyong.

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"Lovely indeed, quite aggressive too if you ask me" He nodded smiling a bit "How about you, where are you from?


"At certain moments I guess." He shrugged and purses his lips as he wasn’t asked that but soon smiles. "I’m from Korea although I wouldn’t say I’m human though that should be easy to tell."

"It surely is…" He responded, slightly taking a glance at the old ring, before he met his gaze again "Although, it’s nice to feel like having an actual origin, a place you are bounded to."

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"What have we here, aren't you charming?" he chuckled "Nice meeting you, colleague~ I'm Tennant, David-- for folks like you" and offered a handshake; a helpless smirk crossing his lips.


Humming, the Veela eagerly extended a hand to the thin man. “Well, what a charming colleague. I’m Mr.Iglesias, but Enrique to you as well,” he replied with a lazy smile, looking the other up and down.

"Nice accent too, pleased to see another European around. You’re from Spain, am I wrong dearie?" He said, slightly glancing over the male’s toned figure. "What will you be teaching, if you don’t mind?" he said, soon focusing on the mahogany orbs once again.

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"It is a bit cliche but none of the guys were man enough to put on a skirt!" Hyolyn had let her more flirtatious side fall for a moment, her comment about the male members of her theme bringing a smile to her lips as well as evoking a rather genuine laugh from the female. But as Tennant moved from his chair the vampire could see that he was up to no good. Her eyelid’s slipped down to a rather cold stare while he moved around behind her and while he pushed up against her she made held her position, making no effort to stop the warlocks wandering hands neither did she let on to if she enjoyed it or not, simply letting him do as he pleased for now if it were to get her what she wanted. She did however faultier when he asked about her jumping on his cock and she had to bring her hand up to cover her mouth to at least muffle the amused little snort that left her. "I see no reason why the push up bra can’t be done but I’d rather give you the toe nail’s or blood quite honestly."  The vampire’s tongue passed over the dark red lipstick that stained her lips, meeting the warlocks grin with her own rather confident smirk. "So we’re in agreement?"

"I would have, I mean I’m Scottish you know.." David certainly liked to pull this side of her out quite a lot, flirtatious to her full limit and he couldn’t be more delighted. She sure had the air of a woman that loved to have control, luring him into breaking her pride; and he won’t rest until he do so to be honest.  That didn’t meant pleasuring her at all, therefore he was very amused by her cold and uncomfortable stare; even more when she was putting no effort to stop him either. It was like a curious disgust that woke up the strongest curiosity upon him, though he didn’t planned to go furthermore than that… for now. He knew she was just holding it back to obtain what she wanted, so he smirked and stepped back along with her little scoffed laughter "I’ll make sure I get everything in the same package, dearie." Returning the malicious grin he nodded in agreement "I guess we do, but note I never stated how would I obtain those. Having you handing them to me willingly it’s a bit boring don’t you think?" He feigned high doubt while tilting his head at her, just to laugh at the end "Now, if you have anything else to say… Shoo~! I’m busy…"

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