{Moonlight Ball} The King, The Queen & The Moon £ Jiyong & I


Smirking softly to himself, he nodded anyways. Why was he so possessive? Jiyong wouldn’t listen though, as it was in his free will of what he’d do in free time. He knew David saw him a shiny object to carry around, making him shine along with him. The many glances and whispers seem to spur him on. Jiyong had to admit he found it slightly entertaining himself.  Gazing up at the Warlock, he stared back until his eyes softened, cursing himself after for that stumble of words. “Oh wouldn’t you love to know…”

The dragon knew both of them deserved compliments, and it was his turn. He could tell David hated his cocky attitude at the moment, so any chance of compliments went out the big glass window, landing upon the moon. “I guess that’s good enough. Beg-“Turning his head towards David, he softly sweared under his breath. The idea of begging seemed to follow him around like a big black cloud whenever the Warlock was around.  He was going to have to get used to that prideful laugh of his sooner or later.

Sadly, it truly wouldn’t be fair to have a secluded elemental party. As big as the class of students, things had to be equal, or else there would be  an uproar. The dragon could only dream, of course. Whenever Jiyong become excited, his passionate eyes lit up like the flaming sun, hoping to see his dream right before him.  Biting his lip at the saddening thought of no fire party, he caught a glimpse of David from the corner of his eyes. Pretending not to notice so the glancing would last longer, his insides boiled with pride. He was one pretty motherfucker tonight. Even though he looked his best tonight, Jiyong never forget how David always seemed to stare at him in hunger either way.

Deciding to return the glance to the Warlock, Jiyong looked up into his eyes. The deep brown eyes struck him right in the chest, again, almost leaving him breathless. The man was incredibly sexy, yet he wouldn’t tell him, as it’d only fuel his dangerous ego. His mysterious eyes had always trapped Jiyong in their tunnels of doom, and tonight wasn’t an exception. Absent mindedly licking his vanilla flavored lips, he turned his body at just the right angle, the icicle lights glittering off his sparkling collar.


When he called the other Master, he could tell he had deeply pleased the professor. Grinning to himself, he looked around the ballroom. Jiyong tilted his head as a kiss was planted near the bottom of his cheek bone, earning a small gasp. He wasn’t the only one who gasped though. “You’re forgiven”… Why did those words sound so warm coming from his foul mouth?

“Vodka… It’s strong, yet it also has other effects. I don’t know why I prefer it as more of a casual party drink. “Gazing down the room, he spotted a few pictures, and he had to admit, they added more spice to the decorations. “Toast?” Humming in thought, he toasted with the Warlock anyways, eyes glittering under the moonlight as they roamed over his glass. Would something this nice ever happen again?

The warlock was a couple of centuries old, and he had 250 years left to go. He has been through many times, and many styles; he knew he was one fine piece of experienced art. Worthy to be exhibited in a French Museum, he was. So his ego was constantly fueled up by his own self esteem, he was not in need of praised not matter how greedy he could by about it. David was very much certain that his flaming charisma and deep gaze was making the dragon skip a beat, so without words Jiyong was making his chest bigger than already was. He even showed off, sly, but David could sense it. He was asking for his Master’s attention by stepping under the spot light, making those little crystals on his neck shine upon the warlock’s eyes.

With such childish actions, how can I see you as a man?

David found his little fashion show quite amusing, and couldn’t help but to scoff a cackle. A confidence bug had bit him, and David gladly would allow it for the night; in occasions like this, it was better to have an extroverted partner. Though he was pleased for stealing that little gasp from his lips, more than anyone elses’, his was very satisfying.

Humming to himself, he wondered about those other effects that Vodka had over Jiyong, as he handed him the glass of champagne. “Cheers!” and he leaned his glass against Jiyong’s, smirking at him in a very charming way. David had forgotten how gallant he could be, but apparently Jiyong could pull that man out of him, which it felt awkwardly good; if he could feel something at all. There was nothing better than a nice toast to start of the night. Having done that, a nice dance could brake the boundaries of personal space. David had to admit he knew very little about his pet, and how he would treat him the right way (or manipulate him) if he didn’t get to know him? Stories, David had many to ‘open up’ to Jiyong with, of course real ones he would keep ‘em to himself, but at least he hope to gain the dragon’s trust. “So, you wanted to show off, right?” He said extending a hand to the young male “Can I have this dance, dear?” and putting his glass away, he hid his now free hand over his back and bowed before Jiyong. Yes ladies and gentlemen, he bowed. When it comes to having something he wants, he would do anything and the best way to win his colleague in front of the multitude was acting as charming as possible and fluttering his heart; he knew that. Still bowing he raised his gaze towards Jiyong’s face and smile, composing his posture again as he gently pulled Jiyong to the dance floor. Under the moon spotlight, where he was craving to be.

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{Moonlight Ball} The King, The Queen & The Moon £ Jiyong & I


He was acting very confident, but it was only half true.  Inside, he was stiffly making sure he didn’t mess anything up. It worried him what David would do if he ruined something, or even his mood. It was a downside to David, yet sometimes an upside. Jiyong could never hide a single emotion from the other. Jiyong was his personal ego feeder. He didn’t always mind it, as he knew he was the professor’s favorite. Pushing away the thoughts of being read, he sighed. “Why do I have to watch what I wear? They should just mind their own business. What, do you want to be the only one to see me in a tanktop?” Jiyong shook his head, liking his casual days. For some reason, he was feeling brave with his words. Was it the nervousness? “Actually, I’ve never seen you in anything but your work clothes. Well besides…” He stopped, deeply frowning. Quickly throwing away the image of a naked David, it making his emotion turn anxious.

Rolling his eyes, he hoped that was a complement. “At least you like my fashion?” he was quite shocked when he heard that, so that had to be good enough. Walking along with him, he met eyes with a few teachers, a couple of them clueless, yet the others not one bit surprised. If not a single professor knew about Jiyong and David, he would truly be shocked.

Ice, lights, candles, and the big moon itself. The dragon wondered who decorated the place. If he was a Moonsprite, he’d feel very welcomed. “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a fire themed ball?” He questioned David with a bite of his lip. “Fire, red, hot…Yet it wouldn’t be fair to cold beings…” Smiling at the mention of shining, he found it entertaining. With all this silver, they truly did shine. Though he perfectly well knew what he meant. When he stopped talking, he met the others deep brown eyes, sensing an urge from the other. It always seemed to take his breath away, and it made him feel special. He felt like an intoxicating being, always being so appetizing to the Warlock. If he got to be the boss, Jiyong should get the emotion of knowing he was the cause of it! Tensing but then almost melting again at the others hidden words, Jiyong pressed his lips together, getting yet another taste of vanilla. He breathed, and it tempted David. “Well, I apologize Master…” He cockily responded. Raising an eyebrow, he pretty much knew David could sense his bold move that was dripping in caution; it excited him.

Taking some of the drink, he quirked his lips at yet another mention of being a lady. “I just know vodka wouldn’t be a smart choice…” Jiyong really needed someone to make him loosen up. Yet when he was in the school building, he was always careful. Feeling a tingle go through his wrist at the kiss, he tilted his head when David decided to leave. Nodding, trying to disguise his checks behind his glass, he turned to watch everyone enjoy themselves.

"—Yes." Said David interrupting his words, with a firm gaze upon the dragon’ when Jiyong asked if he wanted to be the only one to see him wearing a tank top. Short and simple, yes. He was a very possesive person and he added Jiyong to his new collection of special items, which was precisely why he didn’t wanted the dragon to exhibit himself. If suddenly someone started feeling greedy towards Jiyong, then David would have to stain his hands with blood, and not that he cared much about that; it would be just another murder added to the list. Although, the tension of his gaze eased with a chuckle pulled out of his guts when Jiyong seemed to stumble with his own words at the thought of the warlock’s naked body "Besides what, dear?" and he looked far away through the crowd as he smirked.

Of course Jiyong was hoping for a compliment, and it would had stayed that way if he wouldn’t had acted so cocky; the only cocky attitude that was allowed around was David’s. “I complimented you on that earlier, I won’t say it twice…” he said grinning as he leaned closer to him and lowered his voice “..unless you beg for it, you know?” And immediately his laughter was heard.

David enjoyed his colleague’s excitement as he talked about a fire themed party. He could see a little sparkle on his eyes and was not precisely because of the shimmering lights reflected on his orbs. “Well, dear, life isn’t fair. Besides they could refrain themselves from coming to my little pets’ playground in any case. Although, I think Headmaster is keeping parties as neutral as possible so everyone can join them.” he said getting slightly distracted by that tiny bite of lips. What was so alluring about Jiyong that night? David was not very sure himself, but he just couldn’t take his eyes away from him. He was shinning like a young woman in the flower of her youth, like pearls kissed by the moonlight at night; his pale skin very pampered with hydrating lotion, vanilla scent too, he could smell it. Jiyong was glowing as a whole, and his glow was one very peculiar. He was like that tare gem he already had in his possession but he never got tired of looking at. That was it! That was the perfect description for Jiyong! And it was just what he meant when he said they were both shinning. For tonight, Jiyong was that irradiating light reflected on him, who was ironically dressed in silver like the moon and functioning like her as well. Reflecting the light Jiyong naturally carried to the rest of the crowd. Normally so much light would make him uncomfortable, he would feel the need to stain it with dark intentions because he couldn’t stand nobody shinning more than himself; but tonight it was just ok. The warlock hoped Jiyong could get the message with his deep gaze. You look beautiful tonight, that was all his mahogany irises were screaming You’re fucking gorgeous! Yet he didn’t said a word of course, pride always comes first.

However he was definitely not expecting Jiyong’s reaction to his teasing words. He was more likely waiting for a deep shade of pink on his cheeks and a flustered face, but no. He called him Master, he willingly, with no dick harassing his ass, called him Master. How wonderful was that! David’s grin was inevitable as his tongue was quickly trail across his own lips before he took a bite of them, highly tempted to seal that conversation with a kiss but he would save that for the dance floor. Although, he couldn’t let that behavior go as if he heard nothing. So, leaning forward he pressed a light kiss exactly in the limit between the cheeks and the lips; smirking “You’re forgiven…” Tennant could hear a glimpse of nearby gasps, as if someone was waiting for it to happen. For them to kiss in public. And even when they didn’t, yet, David’s actions tricked them to think that they did so. Which made David smirk even more.

"I wonder what effect Vodka has on you, we’ll have to try that later on." And with a chuckle he headed to the bar. A while passed since David left to get those drinks, but finally came back with two crystal clear glasses of champagne; that, after he took some Vodka on the rocks for himself whilst flirting with the bartender for a couple of minutes. A man can never lose his touch, can he? "Here you have charming. Care for a toast?" Said the warlock, raising up his own glass of champagne "For the good times like this…" Which he unconsciously hoped would happen again. If not for the damn curse, lord this man would be drooling love all over the place! But sadly, for now, Jiyong was just a shiny trophy.

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{Moonlight Ball} The King, The Queen & The Moon £ Jiyong & I


Locking eyes with the other, he could feel his eyes roaming over every inch of him. He was used to it, so luckily he didn’t feel self conscious. The Warlock’s scent wafted right towards his sensitive nose, making his mouth almost water. Following his gorgeous lips, he softly snorted at the term ‘lady’. Of course he’d say that…Jiyong’s eyes almost looked nervous at the mention of just staying, the other’s eyes roaming over the bed. That…He wasn’t ready for that. No matter how horny he’s been the past days, he couldn’t do it right now.

Suddenly curious of the others, he wondered if they already knew about their ‘fling’. His eyes slightly widened when he face was grabbed, the rough hands pressing their lips together. It wasn’t lust filled and harsh as usual, but tender. A small noise escaped his lips in shock, hoping no one would walk by. At the mention of vanilla, his heart picked up the pace, the exact thought of David tasting him sending a thrill through his spine. Happy that they were leaving, he closed and locked the door behind them.

David acted like nothing had happened. Like he didn’t make the professor scream in agony for others to hear, to fuck him into ecstasy then throw him out like an old dog. He tried not to think about it. This ball would be pleasant. It was going to be fucking pleasant.  Hooking his arm with David’s, he didn’t mind being shown off. His dragon pride obviously allowed it. “A lot of attention? I get that anyways. When I’m caught in casual clothing or a tank top, people gawk…” he explained, an amused smile following after. “So you like my smile then?” Giving him a cocky raise of his brow, he brushed aside the mention of him being a trophy. Walking through the grass to the main building, excitement ran through him. Here was the ball!

Taking in a deep breath, he saw the eyes of the fellow party goers. Some students he recognized couldn’t tear their eyes from him; he couldn’t blame them of course. Ever since his depression streak the month before, Jiyong let out a small chuckle that has been rare to him. “Ah, well isn’t then amazing. They seemed so shocked!” The shining icicle lights caught his attention first, the soft white lights glowing over his pale complexion. Pictures of moons hung along the room, and the actual moon shone brightly through the tall windows.

At the request of a drink, he nodded. It was nice to finally be treated kindly. “Champagne, please.” That sounded like the better option, as vodka was a drink he enjoyed for another kind of party.

Teasing Jiyong would never get old. David enjoyed his nerves as much as he enjoyed the view of him at the moment. Jiyong could try to hide it, but his aura will forever give him in. From the moment he mentioned staying, the warlock knew the dragon was melting already. If he had wanted it, he would had it, but lucky for him, David was way to excited of showing his pet of to hide behind a dorm door right now. He could tell Jiyong was dazed by his masculine posture and he liked it; he spot the dragon checking him out which lure him into the kiss. He kept it tender without even knowing it, softly sucking onto the others’ lips and smiled at the sound that came from them. He was still holding on to his pride and dignity, David could tell “Didn’t I told you to let go of shame?” He said as the other locked the door.

Jiyong was showing of a very overconfident side as he walked along with Tennant, anyone could be tricked, but the warlock. David knew he was putting up an act, he could even sworn that Jiyong’s fast heartbeat was drumming inside is ears, but he decided to let it passed by; letting him be as he delighted himself on such a divergent aura. “Then you’ll have to consider to dress in a more conservative way, I can get really possessive.” A slight tone showed up, David was serious when it came to his possessions; that until he brused it off with a nonchalant smirk “I never said I like it, I said it suits you better dear.” And they kept walking whilst excitement started showing off on the both of them.

So it was true that the room would be filled with ice sculptures. They were very big and impressive; he wonder if they were simple statues or if the held some magical power within them. Humming to himself, he snap out of his amazement upon the room and threw his gaze towards Jiyong; smiling in a very shiny way. “Oh well, that’s cause we shine to much, dear.” He meant it, he was not being cocky. He even held his gaze nailed on the dragon’s eyes, feeling a very strong crave to kiss him again in front of everyone, but he held himself back. Although, he let Jiyong know about his intentions by leaning towards his ear and whispering with a smirk “Your lips are very shiny right now as well, stop tempting me so early in the night…”

The dragon responded to his offer as he expected, making him chuckle a little “Somehow I knew you’ll say that. I mean what else a lady would ask for in an occasion like this….” and he kissed the back of his hand “I’ll be right back, My Queen.” he said once more, now to his face hoping from that adorable blush to visit Jinyong’s cheeks before he turned around and left his date behind for a moment.

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{Moonlight Ball} The King, The Queen & The Moon £ Jiyong & I


As soon as the flyers were put out, Jiyong somehow had one of them in his grasp. The flyer was printed in large silver letters, it saying, “Moonlight Ball”. A ball! The idea seemed amazing to Jiyong, and he couldn’t wait to see how it would turn out.  Not too long after, Jiyong had five students appear in his classroom asking for help. They brought him their gowns, asking if he could spiff them up a bit. Not saying no of course, he made sure to finish them quickly before the ball. The best part of a ball was what he himself was going to wear.

As a fashion teacher, and a good one that is, the professor had excellent contacts when it came to fashion. Flipping through a magazine his friend Hyunbae gave him, Jiyong remembered the offer. He had told him he could have one of the items he saw for free. The color scheme was white, silver, and grey, so he had the perfect option. Sitting back in his chair, Jiyong pondered one last thing; No one ever went to a ball single. Hazar went through his mind, yet he didn’t know the female well enough to invite her. The one and only came next. Was David going with anyone else? He didn’t enjoy the thought, but he didn’t know if the other was close to any of the professors.

The two of them wouldn’t dare to go with a student of course, and their relationship was something one couldn’t call ‘friendship’. The dragon decided to do one thing he had never done in his life: wait to be asked out first.

The moment Tennant left the lounge, Jiyong ran up into his room. His suit has arrived the morning the Warlock invited him, and he was more than excited to put things together. Jiyong was sure himself and a few females were the first ones to get their outfit together. His suit rested on his bed, a pair of shoes at the foot. He had laid out a small collection of his colognes, hoping to find one that would go perfectly. After studying a few of them, the deep scent of jasmine and vanilla was chosen. Warm, sensual, and exotic.

When he got the text, a blush hit his face. Of course he’d tease him like this! Wondering how the warlock would look, he checked the mirror once more. Gasping softly at the knock and that one and only voice, his teeth were removed from his bottom lip. Opening the door, the best sight greeted him. Every touch fit his figure perfectly. Jiyong was dressed in white and silver, an innocent and alluring color compared to the deep silver and grey of the Warlock. The collar on his suit shimmered lightly, and fine little jewel near the middle of his neck. It tied together quite well, along with the soft shiny silver shoes that he though tied it together.

Lips that were tinted with a very small hint of shimmer, also lightly smelling like vanilla, they parted in awe. “Well, I’d consider myself impressed…”

As soon as the door opened, David looked down to Jiyong, landing his gaze upon every single detail of his outfit. He had never found white so alluring until now. The little sparkles on Jiyong’s suit complemented him very well, he had to admit; and the vanilla and jasmine accent slapped his face back and forth in a very good way. Hair well combed, and a bit of eyeliner he could sense even. Jiyong was the perfect jewel to carry around. Probably he hand fixed the whole gown just to look good for David and it was very impressive; he felt like a King worthy of hail. His smirk was helpless, and a hand was pulled out of his pockets to take Jiyong’s; softly placing his lips upon the back of his hand. “My lady…” he teased “I have to say, you fulfilled my expectations as well as you went over them. Should we skip the ball, I wonder?” He joked whilst glancing over Jiyong’s shoulder into the room. Of course he always had those intentions towards Jiyong, but he also was curious about the party and people’s faces when they see them. Although, those moisturized lips were screaming for attention, and why not giving them a little bit of Daddy’s love. Gently grabbing the dragon’s face, he swiped his thumb across Jiyong’s lips before he leaned forward and grasped his chops with his own in very rare tender kiss; not caring much if someone else was around. After all, Jiyong was his and everybody should know that by now. “Mmm… Vanilla, my favorite.” He said stepping away, but still holding hands with him as he winked and smirked again. “Shall we?” He said and he softly pulled him outside.

He knew that probably it was a bit awkward or embarrassing for the dragon, to nonchalantly walk around with him as if nothing happened, but he wasn’t going to let him escape. Once they started walking, David let go of his hand just to lace his own arm with Jiyong’s. As if he was exhibing some sort of trophy, Tennant tugged Jiyong along with him across the whole field; never lowering his prideful chin. “Are you ready for a lot of attention?” he inquired ans smiled at the other male, knowing very well the answer. “Come on, smile a little. It suits you much better, plus you have won the prize of the night.” he said jestering about himself; though he was not far from the truth. David was one fine looking man, no matter how rotten he was on the inside. Soon they arrived to the first floor of the main building, where the ball was taking place and Tennant took a very sly breath; he didn’t want to give in how anxious he was as well. The reason was unknown, but he felt the need of giving a great impression once they stepped into those doors.

As soon as they crossed the doorframe, all eyes were thrown upon them as expected, and all he could do was flash that cocky smile of his in response. Tapping Jiyong’s hand, that was tightly holding onto his arm, he glanced at him “Enjoy it, we are the stars of the night, isn’t that great?” he said. David ignored all the curious mumbles about them, actually they fed his ego to be honest. Anytime people talked about him, good or bad, it made him feel important; otherwise nobody would care of talking on first instance. The place caught his attention, it was wonderful; he had to give thumbs up to Heamaster’s creativity and splendorous taste. He felt like in the 1920, when he attended the Queen of England ball. Definitely it was beautiful, no doubt. Soon he found the bar and glanced at Jiyong once more, “Want a drink, my dear?” He proposed himself to treat Jiyong as a Queen with all the merits for one night, in payback for that wonderful feeling he left behind that night when he walked out of his office. Besides, the dragon put a lot of effort to impress him, so he kind of earned it. Also it could ease the tention of the moment. “Champagne or Vodka?”

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{Moonlight Ball} The King, The Queen & The Moon £ Jiyong & I

As soon as David heard about the ball, first thing he thought about was Jiyong; even if he won’t admit that, not even to himself. Casually he met him in the teachers lounge and asked him out. Now it was time to get nice and tidy for his date. After struggling to choose a proper outfit, because there was no way someone was going to make him wear a full white suit, at all. It was very repulsive color, if you asked him, to wear it by its own. Gladly, there were other color options within the color etiquette for the occasion. The warlock finally decided to carry an elegant and classic silver gown, with a pearled white shirt to fulfill the requirements of the night and a non traditional black tie to show some of his own essence on the outfit; nice and shinny black shoes giving that glamorous touch a man should always wear for an occasion like this. After fixing his hair, Tennant grabbed a little ambar flask and he sprayed the right amount of colonge to his neck, and wrists; one that he especially made for the night. The mix of spices, citric essential oils and wood, was the perfect combination to highlight his own smell in a very irresistible way.

Time has passed by and it was almost time to walk downstairs and pick up his date, but first a bit of teasing of course. David grabbed his cellphone and sent a text to his companion for the night, smirking to himself as he wrote it down. [SMS] I’ll be there soon, I hope you’re ready My Queen… he knew Jiyong was not going to answer to that, but he had to do it. Chuckling, he stepped in front of the mirror and slip his hands into the suits’ jacket; fixing it before he stepped out. Hands tucked inside his pockets, he confidently walk down to the second floor. He know that Jiyong was going to look stunning, since he recognized the dragon’s great sense of fashion. Jiyong would probably be the best accessory in his whole gown and that made him prideful. To exhibit his pet in such way fed his ego, he also knew all the eyes would be on them, since it was the first time the whole school would see them together. Amused he smirked as he knocked on his colleague’s door “Monsieur? Are you ready?”

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Not even Merlin himself will make me wear white… Silver it is!
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                                          [ One day you will ֆɛɛ

                             e v e r y t h i n g  that’s WRONG with me

                                           and then ƦƲƝ αωαу. ]

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Does anyone wants to take this handsome teacher to the Moonlight Ball? Like this post please.

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